Trinity Brush


Cleaning Is Easy As One, Two, Trinity

“A brush, an eraser, and a crepe walk into a bar…”. However, this three-in-one accessory is not a joke, as it’s meant to be seriously tough on your kicks’ stains and dirt!

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Everything your suede and leather sneakers collection needs is literally in the palm of your hands. When it comes to quick, on-the-go stain, dirt, and grease removal, the Trinity Brush has it all: a brass and nylon bristles brush to remove dust and brush out stains, roughen suede, and handle even the most stubborn dirt. A stain eraser to remove marks and shiny spots. Plus, a rubber crepe to gently clean and fluff up the nap -ideal for the final touch-up!

  • The trinity force for your suede and leather collection.
  • Βrass and nylon  bristles/ remove dust and brush out stains/ roughen suede/ handle even the most stubborn dirt
  • Stain eraser/ removes marks and shiny spots.
  • Rubber crepe/ gently cleans and fluffs up nap/Ideal for the final touch-up

Instructions for use:

Dip your DV brush into water. Spray the Sneaker Cleaning Foam on your brush or directly on the shoe. Allow the foam to spread over and start to scrub in a circular motion. Leave for 1’ and wipe off with your DV Microfiber Cloth. Leave until dry.





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