The Shoe Dome


One Storage Box To Rule Them All

No true sneakerhead leaves his precious kicks thrown away by the doorstep. Show your DVOTION to your collection -and present your precious ones to the world- the right way, with this premium storage box!

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A convenient, easy-to-assemble, premium storage box for your sneakers. The Shoe Dome protects them from sunlight and dust, while its transparent front plate presents them in a gallery-like style -for you to worship and for everyone else to admire. The entire set is stackable for maximum storage space, while the individual magnetic closure for each box provides you with easy access anytime. In this sneakerhead shrine, you can store safely and elegantly up to 20 pairs, up to size EU 48. 

Dimensions: Length 36cm X Width 29cm X Height 22 cm
Weight: 1.1kg

Assembly Instructions

  • Lay down the six panels facing down.
  • Place the bottom panel on a flat surface so that the slots are facing up.
  • Put together the side and back panels.
  • Click and lock them into the base panel.
  • Align the cover plate over the box and snap it in place by applying light pressure to lock all panels into place.
  • Place the front panel gently while ensuring that the magnetic closure is at the top edge of the box.
  • Once you’ll assemble all boxes, stack one up to the other, and… you’re set!





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