Sneaker Soles Restorer Kit


After a while the sneaker soles turn yellow and even if they are cleaned, the yellowness stays and gives an old and poorly maintained look. The DV Sole whitener is a special and complete kit that will give your shoes a new life.

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Where to use :

Suitable for white and translucent soles.

This  kit contains

  • Dvotion sole restorer cream 75ml
  • Shoe protectors 4 pcs
  • protective gloves 4 pcs
  • sponges 2pcs
  • Instruction booklet

Instructions for use:

Before you start: Clean the soles of your sneakers from any dirt, mud, etc.

Step 1: Apply the cleaner with the cotton swabs contained in the kit. Apply a layer evenly over the entire surface of the sole you want to whiten.

Step 2: Apply the protective covers that you will find on the package

Step 3: Place your shoes on direct sun for 1-3 hours

Step 4: Remove the cleaner with a clean cloth and then with a damp cloth (or sponge)

Results are awesome from the first application. However, if you wish, you can repeat the process for   more intense result. Always wear gloves when using the product.






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