Sneaker Fresh


Keep Nothing But Your Style

Sometimes, you have to spend too many hours wearing your shoes. For these times -and any other time you want to feel like you just wore your kicks- this one is for you!

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Developed in our labs, Sneaker Fresh is a powerful anti-odor spray that will keep your sneakers fresh throughout the day. It also works as a mild disinfectant and a bacteria repellent. Add that DV signature perfume to the equation, and the result is irresistible! It’s safe to use the Sneaker Fresh on many materials (suede, nylon, leather, nubuck, canvas, cotton mesh) and suitable to spray your socks, bags, hats, even your feet!

  • Shoe deodorant & Mild disinfectant150ml
  • Safe to use an all materials suede, nylon, leather, nubuck, canvas, cotton mesh
  • Safe to spray your socks, bags, and hats and your feet!
  • Non-pressurized bottle
  • DV signature perfume

Instructions for use:

Spray Sneaker Fresh directly into shoes. Leave until dry, and you are good for the day. It’s safe to apply on your socks as well!







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