Hand Safe Vibes


Your Protection Should Always Come Handy

Your hands deserve your full and undivided DVOTION. In other words, they deserve a cleaning gel that will protect them while keeping them fresh and hydrated! Need to say more? 

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When it comes to personal sanitation, these Vibes are definitely what you’re looking for. A unique antibacterial gel containing 75% alcohol, panthenol, aloe vera, and glycerin to help you keep your hands clean, refreshed, and hydrated. Have we mentioned that its non-watery composition makes it easy to apply and won’t leave you with that annoying sticky residue? (Now we have). As for that DV signature perfume, we wouldn’t dare not to include it. Hands down, your next favorite choice!

  • Divine to use, leaves hands clean, refreshed, hydrated
  • Contains panthenol aloe vera & glycerin, 50ml
  • Does not leave a sticky residue
  • non-watery easy to apply
  • Dv signature perfume

Instructions for use:

Apply the DVOTION cleaning gel on the surface, rub lightly and wait until dry. Repeat use as often as needed—no need to rinse.







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