Elastic Shoelaces


A True DEVOTee To The Last Detail

For a genuine sneakerhead, his shoelaces are the bowtie of his looks; They might seem like a minor feature, but they could be the defining characteristic. Why leave it to chance then?

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Elegance in simplicity. These cotton elastic shoelaces with a metal screw, semicircle capsule lock are the perfect example of what it means to be stylish from top to… well, shoe. They’re easy to apply and suitable for all types of sneakers. Since they provide the perfect pressure on your feet, you will be able to slip your shoe on and off with one hand easily. Plus, you will see the difference in every step -especially if you’re a runner.   

  • Metal Screw Semicircle capsule lock
  • Cotton Elastic
  • Easy to apply
  • For all type of sneakers
  • Provide the perfect pressure on your feet
  • Slip your shoe on and off with one hand
  • One size fit all
  • Available in black and white

Instructions for use:

  1. Wear the laces the way you like.
  2. Pass the metal closures through each lace, with the sharp side facing out.
  3. Tie the knot at the end of each lace.
  4. On each side, leave a length of 0.3 cm at the knot and cut off any excess length.
  5. You can burn the tips of the laces where you cut, so there aren’t any frayed edges.
  6. Tighten the turnbuckles, simple and convenient.






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