The Retro Brush


Dirt Becomes A Thing Of The Past

When it comes to style, nothing says more about you than your favorite sneakers. Now it’s time to raise the accessory level a notch, thanks to this old-school, brand new tech accessory!

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Style meets function in this one, as the Retro Brush is made of 100% natural hog hair bristles, with a non-slip wooden handle for your convenience. Works excellent on delicate materials (leather, nubuck, suede, canvas, vinyl, mesh, knit, cotton, nylon), getting the tough stains out without harming your kicks. Perfect for your everyday dry brushing or your full ritual.  

  • Made of 100% natural hog hair bristles, non-slip wooden handle
  • Gets tough stains out without causing any damage.
  • Works great on delicate materials leat  her, nubuck, suede, canvas, vinyl, mesh, knit, cotton, nylon, anything you kicks are made of.
  • Perfect for your everyday dry brushing, or your full ritual

Instructions for use:

Dip your DV brush into water. Spray the Sneaker Cleaning Foam on your brush or directly on the shoe. Allow the foam to spread over and start to scrub in a circular motion. Leave for 1’ and wipe off with your DV Microfiber Cloth. Leave until dry.





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